God is in a MOOD!

God is in a MOOD!

I am sitting here this cold Monday morning looking outside at the ice and snow covered ground contemplating on the “MOOD of God”!  Having grown up in a Pentecostal ministers home I am well aware of the mood or season changes of God.  We are however at a place or season where the mood of God is quite different and is causing the established church to rethink the methods that we have established.  What did work for us is now NOT working as effectively because God is in the MOOD for change and enlargement.   The plan and purpose that God has for His church is not weak or frail that it can not withstand the travail of creation.  God has a way of doing things and sometimes as with the seasons or moods is to lead us into a direction or path that will embrace all of mankind instead of just those that think and act like us.

His MOOD is not one of judgment or condemnation it is a MOOD of delight but stern direction for the greater good of the whole.  It is time to look outside of how we have always done it…..the church has had a tendency to be antiquated and outdated with limited vision.  His true church is arising with fresh vision that is relevant and cutting edge, knowing the moods of God and know how to change with the seasons.  My good friend Dr. Kelley Varner always said “the worst place to be is where God used to be”.  Our chronological age sometimes can keep us stuck in a past way of doing things and dwarf the growth of the NOW church.  It is apparently clear that we must continue to move and flow with the moods and seasons of God even if that means to abort our methods and embrace a new vision.

I often think of the 2 and 1/2 tribes that did not cross the Jordan river but camped on the wilderness side.  They looked on from a far while the majority of the tribes possessed what ALL of the tribes were promised to possess?  They enjoyed  watching others inherit, they saw the benefit and the procedures of the new found land but NOT willing to cross over and do things differently.

The church of God is to be successful and effective not pitiful and poor.  We are not just hanging in there  until something better comes along.  What is the thing God wants for His Church doesn’t look anything like what we have presently.  Are we going to be offended and refuse to cross over or are we going to check in on the mood of God and adjust ourselves and methods accordingly?

Divine frustration comes to point us in another direction….if you will be honest you will admit with me that there has been a bit of frustration with how things have been progressing with the Church.  WE pack a big punch when it comes to the Revelation of Jesus but I think we have to know that our relevancy meter has not registered in the higher marks.  While I know it is not about making a grade it is still about changing the lives of people and building relationship and bridges to empower them for greatness.   Our motives may be good but our methods must change!

I write this to cause you to ask yourself this question….am I being relevant with the gospel that I preach?  To be continued……..

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Recovery From Failure

Recovery From Failure

The word I hate the most is “FAILURE”.  That word alone can wipe the smile right off of your face and reintroduce you to that sunken feeling you had in the pit of your stomach the moment that you experienced failure.  There is a sure cure for failure that lifts you up and out of that pit and introduces you to a new place of joy.  Failures come to prove you can’t and your success come to prove God can.  Embedded in you is power to overcome any adversity and ensure you a new place of victory where failure has no place.  I challenge you to get a mind shift and install a new of thinking when it comes to past failure.  Don’t stay stuck in what was, engage in a new way of thinking and embrace the power of Christ that has woven Himself into your life.  He is your enabler let Him successfully move in and through you to bring you to a new place of  empowerment.  He is your pattern for success so let’s follow HIM!

7 Ways To Recover Through Grace After We Fail was written by my friend Scott Stimson.  These are applicable and practical ways of recovery.  Removing all the hinderances to success and ensuring great victories for all of us.  I know these 7 ways will change you life!

It is not what we have done it is how we get up and move forward from what we have done, when we fail it is part of our journey but not our destiny.

7 ways to recover through grace after we fail:

1—-Release yourself from your failure’s by turning away from them in your thinking, we belong to Him and we have no right to turn on ourselves nor accuse ourselves, God has favored us based on His love for us not our failure.

2—- Think on achievements and draw strength from them whenever we have wronged others and hurt them by our decisions we should take the responsibility make it right if possible and keep moving we don’t have to live in bondage to the regrets of the past nor the worries of tomorrow.

3—-Understand that God’s ability is not limited to our failure the simple truth is He is greater than our mistakes and failures.

4—-Don’t allow the failures of the past to define you. Our identity is In Christ we are son’s of God even if we don’t live or act like it.

5—-Wash yourself with the liberating truth of the word of God concerning who you are in Christ and who he is in you, refuse to listen to the old religious dragon in your mind or through someone else that accuses you based on the old law of Moses.

6—-Thanksgiving is the cure for negativity understand we have a right to praise Him in-spite of what we may have done, in the place of defeat, Praise Him.

7—-God knew we would fail before we did and when He made those promises to us He knew what we would do. He will use it now to work humility in us by teaching us to trust Him rather than ourselves.

Let no foul or polluting language, nor evil word nor unwholesome or worthless talk [ever] come out of your mouth, but only such [speech] as is good and beneficial to the spiritual progress of others, as is fitting to the need and the occasion, that it may be a blessing and give grace (God’s favor) to those who hear it. Eph. 4:29 Amp. (This includes speaking to yourself)

Scott Stimson Sr.


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