This is one of those great facebook posts that need to be shared.  This needs to make it’s way into all of our lives and find its resting place in our understanding.  Because we are all one of a kind we must become comfortable in our own skin and become effective in being who we are and powerful at what we are called to.

You are INCOMPARABLE! Nobody has your exact calling, gifting and destiny. You ware made to be a unique expression of your Creator with an assignment unlike anyone else. Your children only have one YOU to shape them. Your sphere has only one you to interact with. Your fingerprints, like your DNA, like your voice is so individual that the entire universe cannot replicate you. The ONE enemy you have to struggle with is “comparison” – it’s the ultimate tool in the devils workshop. With this weapon of comparison we are constantly bombarded with pressure to disconnect from our own special expression and alter, dumb down or mute who we truly are. RESIST comparison like you would resist THE DEVIL! Because comparison is meant to conclude you are less than someone else. Note well, the “someone else” you compare yourself to, is only shining because they refuse to be anyone other than who they are. Be a rugged individualist and you make it possible for me to say “I believe in you!” The original is always more valuable than the copy. Keep on being true to YOU because eventually the unique factor God gave you will shine forth. Live full out in your own expression, or die a copy.  ~Lance Wallnau 

photo credit: Heidi & Matt via photopin cc

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How To Find Your Purpose!

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There are tons of books written on the subject of  “How to” and the essential steps to achieving your goals.  So I am not going to try to re-write those books or improve on their idea but to provide for you through this blog what I believe are essential elements of success.  Learning how to find your purpose is not a one stop drop of information.  Purpose is more than 10 steps or 5 ways into destiny.  Purpose can only be defined by a “noun” and that noun who it a person is the landmark difference between success and failure.  Finding your purpose is easier than you might think and  the results of the transformation can be staggering.  The mission of this blog is to write out for you in detail a dialogue of destiny revealing to you the signposts of purpose you will find on your journey into greatness.  Daily I will give new insight and principles of success that will engage you into your full purpose.  Finding the very reason you were created and living in it is real happiness that never fades.

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