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Revolution – Online School!

NEW ONLINE Classes begin on September 26th.  “SOMETHING WORTH SEEING”  is our subject a study of the book of Ruth!

8 lessons of life changing instruction as we investigate who God made us, our real identity and how that affects our assignment in the earth.  We will follow the life of Ruth as she comes to from obscurity to royalty.  Her life’s story will dynamically alter how you view yourself and give you tools to effectively reach your full purpose and destiny. We are  “SOMETHING WORTH SEEING”. Join us NOW!

Something Worth Seeing – 8 classes – $75


Revolution Online School is a convenient way to study present truth and come to understand more clearly the King and His Kingdom. You will be able to break the code of the bible by seeing the keys of truth that will unlock the word with illumination and crack the code.   You are able to study in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace…..those serious students of Gods word will find Revolution a vital tool to understanding the fulness of Jesus and His more excellent way.  This Online School  is to equip the saints to export the good news of the Kingdom to the whole earth.  Your instruction will be sent to you by email and will contain a link for each online lesson where you can view the video or listen to the audio accompanied by notes of each lesson.  This is a quick and easy way to be the dynamic and powerful overcomer you were created to be.  Don’t put it off invest in yourself today the whole world will reap the benefit of your choice to equip and empower yourself today!

There are 4 subjects to choose from for your study:

1.  “Something Worth Seeing” – 8 classes – $75 (available in September)


2.  “The Tabernacle Of Moses” – $120 – 24 lessons (available now)


3.”The Feasts Of The Lord” – $75 – 8 lessons  (available now)


4.  “The Garments Of The High Priest” – $75 – 8 lessons  (available now)


The cost of Revolution Online School Of Ministry is as follows…The Tabernacle Of Moses is 24 lessons for $120.  The feasts Of The Lord is 8 lessons $75.  The Garments Of The High Priest is 7 lessons $75.   All sessions will  be facilitated online through email with links for you to download or watch streaming video.  Notes and worksheets will also be available to go with the teachings and will be provided for you in pdf form.  There will be special ministry conferences from various skilled ministers from across the nation that will visit Greater Dimensions and you will be able to view those videos online as well.

Make the choice now to change your life and impact the world with Present Truth.  Revolution is not an accredited study but will provide for you a foundation and an understanding of God’s word that will change your life forever.

Once payment is made your enrollment is complete I will contact you by email with all the necessary information that you will need.   I am looking forward to our time together as we journey into the most spectacular study ever know to man…..the word of The Creator and King, Jesus.

If you do not wish to pay through credit card, debit card or paypal online you can send a check to Greater Dimensions Church and please add to your memo REVOLUTION with the payment (according to subject choice).  Send payment to P.O. Box  1188 Pauls Valley, OK  73075  if you need to talk to someone in person call 405-238-7878.  NEW….you can now pay by credit card over the phone just call 405-238-7878.


International ministries:  If you are currently in active ministry and live outside of the USA we are offering Revolution Online School to you free of charge.  Our goal is to declare the gospel of the Kingdom throughout the whole earth and develop leaders and ministers to continue to spread the good news to all nations.   Please give a short description of your active ministry the name of your ministry and where you are located as well as how you are involved in spreading the gospel of the Kingdom in an email to and add Revolution International to the subject line.  If you need any more info please contact me at



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See miraculous results in just 10 days – A 10 day challenge.

See miraculous results in just 10 days – A 10 day challenge.

See miraculous results in just 10 days!

Take this 10 Day Challenge.   

If you want to draw out  the untapped resources and gifts that God has put in you and experience the successful life you never thought possible here on earth.  Then this 10 Day Challenge is for you.  How you view yourself is how you will view others and ultimately how you will view God.  Getting a correct viewpoint of yourself and an understanding of your true identity is vital for your success. Unlock the real you and watch your life change before your eyes.  Take the next 10 days and join this Challenge.   Don’t wait!  A procrastinator is one that won’t take NOW for an answer.  Now is the time for you to be equipped and empowered for the prosperous life that is yours to enjoy HERE and NOW.

NO purchase necessary and no handling fees!  You will receive an email everyday for 10 days each email contains the keys to unlock the real you and aid you in being the powerful, equipped overcomer that you were created to be.  On Day 10 you will receive a free mp3 downloads from my latest CD “Sounds Of Dominion”  and a download of my latest message “Increase Capacity”.

If you are willing to take this FREE 10 challenge fill out the form below and begin your journey to the NEW YOU!

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