Check this out!!  Free UPGRADE!!!

Check this out!! Free UPGRADE!!!

To know the sound of the day and times and seasons of God is essential for continued advancement of the Kingdom.  A great general once said “the worst place to be in where God used to be”.  God is always growing and moving His purpose in the earth.  To hold on to what was when God is moving, is to continue to expect manna to fall from heaven when it is time to eat the old corn of the land and cook your own food.

Just because it was the PROCEEDING word in the past doesn’t make it the NOW PROCEEDING word for today.  As leaders of the NOW church we must learn to follow the lamb withersoever He goes and that may be into places of uncharted waters for the church to inherit.  We are building the lives of people which is the church not just trying to get a big gathering of people for the sake of building a large group for display.

We are the wise master builders here in the earth building into the lives of people the truths that establish and anchor us in all adversity and triumph.  With every new move of God there comes a death certificate in one hand and a birth certificate in another…….it is time to let go of what was and let it die and embrace the new thing He is doing and do it with Him.  What God is doing looks different than what He has done in the past and it is time to change for the sake of the Kingdom and all the inhabitants of the earth!!!

The church in the wilderness was totally different that the church in the Promised Land.  We have moved and these are promised land days not wilderness times.  To hold onto the wilderness ways keeps you from seeing God in His fulness and impedes your effectiveness.  You are NEVER too old or worn out or burnt out to fully embrace God and His right now word and His relevant right now methods.  This biggest hinderance to the growth of the church is “we have always done it this way”.  He remains the same but His methods and ways of operation must change or we will sit on the wilderness side watching another generation inherit our possessions!

Here is a small snippet of a facebook post that I know is very relevant for the right now church of the 3rd Day!

It is essential as 3rd day people that we become relevant and effective with our revelation…..our revelation should not be so out there it can’t be lived out or experience on earth. The revelation of Jesus is to and for all mankind not just a handful that want to appear more spiritual than others. It is a heaven and earth ministry not just a heaven ministry. If we hang them in the heavens then we must be able to apply that heavenly revelation on the earth while in shoe leather. It is not a message just for the elite we are all God’s elect…..cross pollinate with others and get out side of your camp and be friendly and nice…after all we are the ones who preach to see all men in Christ. We talk about not staying in the old order and I have found that most deeper life folks have a now word but still present it with an old order method. That is called mixture. If you preach and no one understands what you are talking about because it is so heady does that make the message relevant and applicable? I don’t think so…..I love all of my deeper life, 3rd day, sonship preacher friends but one thing I know for sure the older folks that ushered in this wave are dying off and we are left with a message to declare and proclaim…..if we are not touching the next generation of young people then who is going to go with the now word? What can you do to make your message palatable for more than just a handful that already knows and understands what we preach……The sound from the Most Holy Place was heard all the way to the out court….so with great wisdom and divine strategy lets rethink our methods and make this eternal word live on in generations to come. After all we are the stewards of it!


Cathy Walker

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God is in a MOOD!

God is in a MOOD!

I am sitting here this cold Monday morning looking outside at the ice and snow covered ground contemplating on the “MOOD of God”!  Having grown up in a Pentecostal ministers home I am well aware of the mood or season changes of God.  We are however at a place or season where the mood of God is quite different and is causing the established church to rethink the methods that we have established.  What did work for us is now NOT working as effectively because God is in the MOOD for change and enlargement.   The plan and purpose that God has for His church is not weak or frail that it can not withstand the travail of creation.  God has a way of doing things and sometimes as with the seasons or moods is to lead us into a direction or path that will embrace all of mankind instead of just those that think and act like us.

His MOOD is not one of judgment or condemnation it is a MOOD of delight but stern direction for the greater good of the whole.  It is time to look outside of how we have always done it…..the church has had a tendency to be antiquated and outdated with limited vision.  His true church is arising with fresh vision that is relevant and cutting edge, knowing the moods of God and know how to change with the seasons.  My good friend Dr. Kelley Varner always said “the worst place to be is where God used to be”.  Our chronological age sometimes can keep us stuck in a past way of doing things and dwarf the growth of the NOW church.  It is apparently clear that we must continue to move and flow with the moods and seasons of God even if that means to abort our methods and embrace a new vision.

I often think of the 2 and 1/2 tribes that did not cross the Jordan river but camped on the wilderness side.  They looked on from a far while the majority of the tribes possessed what ALL of the tribes were promised to possess?  They enjoyed  watching others inherit, they saw the benefit and the procedures of the new found land but NOT willing to cross over and do things differently.

The church of God is to be successful and effective not pitiful and poor.  We are not just hanging in there  until something better comes along.  What is the thing God wants for His Church doesn’t look anything like what we have presently.  Are we going to be offended and refuse to cross over or are we going to check in on the mood of God and adjust ourselves and methods accordingly?

Divine frustration comes to point us in another direction….if you will be honest you will admit with me that there has been a bit of frustration with how things have been progressing with the Church.  WE pack a big punch when it comes to the Revelation of Jesus but I think we have to know that our relevancy meter has not registered in the higher marks.  While I know it is not about making a grade it is still about changing the lives of people and building relationship and bridges to empower them for greatness.   Our motives may be good but our methods must change!

I write this to cause you to ask yourself this question….am I being relevant with the gospel that I preach?  To be continued……..

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